Paul Autodore Financial Advisor / Insurance Agent

I have recently retained DesignWorks to develop a cold solicitation, business to consumer, series direct response marketing campaign for the highly competitive retirement and financial services industry. The campaign, branded as The IRA Rescue, targeted the highly sought after Baby-Boomer demographic. At this writing the campaign is in full swing and I am very optimistic and pleased with early response. I personally spent over 2 decades of my professional career owning and operating a nice sized full service marketing, advertising and web development company outside of New York City. During this time, I employed dozens of full time designers, writers and creative professionals. My recent collaboration with DesignWorks was high-end and extremely professional. Exactly what my own firm endeavored to deliver to our clients. On-time, under budget with respectful and attentive client service. I highly recommend this firm to anyone interested in producing high-end, professional and results oriented graphics, advertising or marketing communications.