At designWorks we understand that many business owners and representatives are unaware of the processes involved in commissioning graphic design and website work. And while each project is unique to our clients marketing needs, there are some common steps that take place that are consistent to all projects.We are a proactive design group who encourages our clients to take an active role in the design process. An initial meeting is a good introduction for us to get to know each another’s business, service and/or products. The primary focus of this meeting is to establish the scope of work you will be commissioning for your required materials. We take the time to listen to our clients needs to obtain specific goals for the materials being developed and identifying ideas, visions, culture, etc. that will make your materials unique to your products and services. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to see the design solutions we have completed for past clients, and get to know the complete range of services our agency offers, and successes we have had working with other client projects. Once we have specifically defined the scope of work you require, we will prepare a written proposal, which upon your signed approval serves as a written service agreement/contract. In this proposal/contract we will include items such as: scope of work, associated fees, additional fees, project timelines and what we will need from your business to get started. Once all parties agree upon all items in this written proposal we can begin work on the project.